RECIPE: Pan-banging Chocolate Chip Cookies

RECIPE: Pan-banging Chocolate Chip Cookies

First thing’s first: OMG these are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They require a bit more attention than a traditional chocolate chip cookie, but they are delicious, soft, and worth the noise and attention. My husband discovered them through Sarah Keiffer on Instagram and insisted I make them. They don’t have a high yield in terms of quantity, but they are giant so it should suffice.

For the full recipe visit The Vanilla Bean Blog. A few tips:

  1. DON’T skip the freezing of the dough ball
  2. Make sure no one requires peace and quiet, i.e. DON’T attempt these during nap time. PLEASE trust me on this- you’ll understand when you start them.
  3. Pay attention and follow the timing recommended in the recipe otherwise you’ll overcook them and/or not get the ripples you want.

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